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The Man Passionate about Empowering Africa's Next Generation of Leaders!

I engage Global stakeholders to design and execute projects and programs that academically, socially and economically empower ambitious young people across Africa. Got a project geared towards African youths? I will be glad to help. Let’s talk!

Budding Consultant

In Youth Empowerment & Development

About Clement Ngosong

Clement is a young enthusiastic leader and changemaker with close to half a decade of experience in positive youth development and youth empowerment issues. He is highly skilled at using design thinking, analytical thinking, logical thinking, and other frameworks to analyze and extract insightful information needed to construct programs and models that drive change at local and global levels.

My Specialties

Many youths feel a strong urgency and pressure to make the best educational and livelihood choices that align with their personal and community aspirations and goals. My coaching and capacity-building programs empower young people with 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, communication, people management, emotional intelligence, and other vital social skills needed to thrive in our rapidly changing workspace. The innovation tools and curriculum used during my workshops are tailored to a global youth audience and are designed such that they deliver theoretical concepts in an engaging and practical manner.

Having been recognized as one of the top 50 most inspiring students across the globe, I help other students gain clarity, find focus, and challenge them to reach peak performance. Over the last 3 years, I have developed clear personal and career goals for 100+ students, while assisting them with opportunities to actively pursue these goals. 


If you need support to bring about environmental and behavioral changes that will improve the livelihood of a community and its members, I can assist you to work collaboratively with and through groups of young people to address issues affecting the well-being of a community. Through my coaching, you will be able to strike partnerships and coalitions that will help you mobilize resources and influence systems, change relationships among partners, and serve as catalysts for changing policies, programs, and practices.

I have conceived and executed several international and local projects that have gone on to impact more than 300+ young people on all continents. Have a project but don’t know how to start? My consultation will help you develop a clear roadmap to initiate, plan, execute, and assess the project ideas you have.

Don’t know how to properly document and illustrate the project or impact concept you have developed? I can support you to clearly and concisely express your ideas, in a manner that is professional, researched-based, and impact-focused.

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What People Say about Me

Through my work, I have been able to impact numerous young peoples’ lives and they are proud to voice it out.

Amongst a myriad of young people with whom I have worked, I am certain that if self-discipline, proper planning, unarguable determination, professionalism, and uncommon humility were merged to form a human, then it certainly would be Clement Ngosong. I have been tremendously inspired by his in-depth mastery of leadership skills which he continually exhibits while working with young people nationally and internationally. His understanding of vital concepts such as empathy and Emotional Intelligence has enabled him to massively impact and transform a plethora of ambitious youths within and beyond the Cameroonian community.
Callis Vishiti
"Within the Open Dreams community, Clement is one of the most prominent scholars, respected throughout Open Dreams for his engagement, creativity, and above all, his commitment to giving back especially to the youths in his community. He views his education as something that will enable him to be of greater service to others rather than just for his self-centered ambitions."
James Akaba
Country Director at Open Dreams
"Clement is particularly active in the areas of volunteerism, youth capacity building, and responsible behavior. Throughout the years, Clement has shown that he will tirelessly push open doors of opportunity to other young persons and help to build a stronger and more prosperous, and self-aware generation of African youth. In my many years of working with other young persons, Clement stands out exceptionally for being resilient, adaptable, enterprising, creative in thought, and committed to the ideals of leadership development and visionary leadership."
Mikah Edwin
Co-Founder at MIA
"I've known Clement now for about 4 years. During this period, I have known him to be a consistent, persistent, diligent, and committed person. Owing to his personal experience of struggling to obtain an education in the midst of a challenging environment, Clement has a tremendous mission to impart hope and courage to other youth going through similar challenges. He serves as a role model for other students and his commitment to service is a driving force for many people, including myself.."

Got a Project aimed at Impacting African youths? Let's Talk!

Through my work in Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement, I can help channel your project to your ideal youth audience and ensure execution to perfection.