Is it better to know a bit of everything, aka jack of all trades, or to have a mastery of one thing? My take? It is best to be both. A jack of all trades and a master of one – or more. A T-shaped person.

Most people who know can attest that I have a broad knowledge of many concepts and am always up-to-date with global affairs. I have found this to be particularly useful when trying to initiate or sustain conversations. So, when I came across a concept called the “T-Shaped Person,” I instantly connected with its meaning.

A T-shaped person is someone who possesses a broad knowledge of many things and is an expert at one (or more). A common example would be a STEM teacher with basic knowledge and understanding of art courses. In many professional settings, T-shaped people often stand out because of their ability to collaborate with other employees seamlessly.

I-shaped vs generalist vs T-shaped
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Reading wide is an intricate part of becoming a T-shaped person – you can also travel across a country, or the world, but that’s more expensive. The point, in two words, is to continuously learn. Strive to acquire basic knowledge of the arts, science, politics, history, finance, management, etc.

On a personal note, I strive to be abreast with things happening worldwide by reading news articles, books, or watching episodes of the Daily Show by Trevor Noah.

Develop a curiosity to learn about any unfamiliar concept you come across, and you will be amazed at how knowledgeable you’ll become. You can start by reading one other blog here

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