In Cameroon, the months after high school is usually the most defining moments for many high school students across the nation. These students are expected to make life-changing decisions but are not provided with adequate mentorship and guidance to see them through that phase of life.

Having experienced the weight of this problem, I started a mentorship pairing program last year to connect recent high school graduates with professionals across Cameroon who can provide counselling and mentorship to these students.

Today, I had a very touching moment today with one of the beneficiaries of this initiative – Mercy. I was surprised to receive a pencil drawing of me as a gift and a token of appreciation for the impact I have created in her life.

She said “because of you, I began writing and reading books. I used to find reading to be a boring activity, but now I find it to be a pleasurable hobby. I’m on my fourth book. Also, you made me believe that I was full of potential and that no matter how difficult something was, I should try my hardest. “

Thank you for the amazing gift. I will continue to play my part in inspiring and empowering young Cameroonians through my words and deeds.

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