2021 is almost coming to an end. Reflecting on my experiences this year, I’ve put together the top 12 lessons I learned this year.

1. Alignation is Important

While working with people, it’s important to know that everyone has their priorities. As a leader, your task is to make these priorities align so that the team can get optimal results.

2. Document

Keep proper documentation. It will save you anytime you find yourself caught up in a crossfire. e.g if you find yourself relaying info between two parties, make sure to have things written down in case of plausible deniability.

3. Be Professional

Keep it professional in every team. It might cost you a few friendships and a whole lot of drama, but it’ll save you from exploitation.

4. Recover Fast

The world doesn’t stop because you’re in a bad mood. If you hit rock bottom, recover fast and get back to work.

5. Values above all else

Guard your values – not reputation – with your life! Your values define you but your reputation is what people think of you. Reputation can easily be rebuilt. But lost values might be gone forever.

Speaking session with Freshmen at Ashesi University

6. Privilege

Do not abuse privilege. There’s is a lot at stake in the long-run than the mere present gratification.

7. Keep Working

Bold ambitions require extra effort and sacrifices. You’ll always get more “Nos” than “Yeses” in the pursuit of great ambitions.

8. Network

The world runs on relationships; invest in building them because people form the brick and mortar of who we are.

9. Careful What You Say

Be mindful of your tongue. The words you say – especially in jest – are more powerful than you can imagine. It can ruin lives or make lives. Choose to use it wisely.

10. Seeking Help

Seek help wisely and understand that it may come in different forms. It could be advice, finance, emotional support, time, connection, etc. These are all different forms of help.

11. Reflect

Experience provides data but insight requires reflection. Always take time to reflect on the decisions and choices you made.

12. Executing

Hope is not a strategy; you need an action plan. Motivation is not sustainable. Build habits. You need solid habits and a good plan of action to see through any goal.

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